Quality Function Deployement Course Code : Q-04

Duration : 1 Day

Introduction :
Understanding customer requirement is the first and most important step in assuring quality and reliability o products and services. QFD is a method for structured product planning and development that enables a development a team to specify clearly the customers’ wants and needs and then to evaluate each proposed product or service capability systematically in terms of its impact on meeting specifications. (Lou Cohen).

Who should attend the training?

  • The course is most appropriate for engineers involved in
  • Marketing and sales
  • Design and/or Development
  • Quality Assurance,
  • Service

Agenda for the Training :

  • Introduction and expectations of participants
  • Historical background of QFD
  • Understand Basics of House of Quality
  • Voice of Customer & Kano Model
  • Grouping the needs using KJ Method
  • Planning Matrix
  • Technical Response
  • Relationship Matrix
  • Technical Correlation
  • Technical Matrix
  • Structure of QFD and using the template
  • Application Example
  • Application Exercise
  • Quiz

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